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Vladimir Kefalov, PhD


Professor, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences



Research Interests

  • Retina
  • Photoreceptor Neurobiology and Retinal Degeneration
  • Mechanisms of cone dark adaptation
  • Mechanisms of cone light adaptation
  • Pharmacological treatments of retinal degeneration


  • MSc, in Physics, Department of Physics, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1993
  • PhD, in Cellular Biophysics, Department of Physiology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, 1993-1999
    Advisor: Carter Cornwall, Ph.D., Research Topic: Physiology of the early events in visual pigment regeneration.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, 1999-2005
    Advisor: King-Wai Yau, Ph.D., Research Topic: Origins of the functional differences between retinal rod and cone photoreceptors.

Selected Publications

  • Xue Y., Shen S.Q., Corbo J.C., Kefalov V.J. (2015) Circadian and light-driven regulation of rod dark adaptation. Sci Rep 5 doi:10.1038/srep17616 http://f1000.com/images/badges/badgeforauthors.gif
  • Xue, Y, Shen, S.Q., Jui, J, Rupp, A.C., Byrne, L.C., Hattar, S, Flannery, J.G, Corbo, J.C., Kefalov, V.J. (2015) CRALBP supports the mammalian retina visual cycle and cone vision. J Clin Invest 125:727-738. http://f1000.com/images/badges/badgeforauthors.gif
  • Palczewska, G., Vinberg, F., Stremplewski, P., Bircher, M.P., Salom?, D., Komar, K., Zhang, J., Cascella, M.#, Wojtkowski, M.#, Kefalov, V.J.#, Palczewski, K.# (2014) Human infrared vision is triggered by two-photon chromophore isomerization. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111:E5445-54.
  • Wang, J.S., Nymark, S., Frederiksen, R., Estevez, M.E., Shen, S.Q., Corbo, J.C., Cornwall, M.C., Kefalov, V.J. (2014) Chromophore supply rate-limits mammalian photoreceptor dark adaptation. J Neurosci 34:11212-11221. http://f1000.com/images/badges/badgeforauthors.gif
  • Montana, C.L., Kolesnikov, A.V., Shen, S.Q., Myers, C.A., Kefalov, V.J., Corbo, J.C. (2013) Reprogramming of adult rod photoreceptors prevents retinal degeneration. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 110, 1732-1737.  http://f1000.com/images/badges/badgeforauthors.gif
  • Sakurai, K., Chen, J., Kefalov, V.J.,  (2011). Role of guanylyl cyclase modulation in mouse cone phototransduction. J Neurosci 31, 7991-8000. http://f1000.com/images/badges/badgeforauthors.gif
  • Kolesnikov, A.V., Tang, P.H., Parker, R.O., Crouch, R.K., Kefalov, V.J., (2011). The mammalian cone visual cycle promotes M/L-cone pigment regeneration independently of the interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein. J Neurosci 31, 7900-7909.
  • Wang, J. and Kefalov, V.J. (2009). An alternative pathway mediates the mouse and human cone visual cycle. Current Biology 19:1665-1669. http://f1000.com/images/badges/badgeforauthors.gif
  • Wang, J., Estevez, M.E., Cornwell, M.C., and Kefalov, V.J. (2009). Intra-retinal visual cycle required for rapid and complete cone dark adaptation. Nature Neuroscience 12:295-302. (Journal Cover)
  • Kefalov, V.J., Estevez, M. E., Kono, M., Goletz, P. W., Crouch, R. K., Cornwall, M. C., and Yau, K.-W. (2005). Breaking the covalent bond - a pigment property that contributes to desensitization in cones. Neuron 46, 879-890. http://f1000.com/images/badges/badgeforauthors.gif
  • Kefalov*, V.J., Fu*, Y., Marsh-Armstrong, N., and Yau, K.-W. (2003). Role of visual pigment properties in rod and cone phototransduction. Nature. 425, 526-531. http://f1000.com/images/badges/badgeforauthors.gif
  • Kefalov, V.J., Crouch, R.K., and Cornwall, M.C. (2001). Role of noncovalent binding of 11-cis-retinal to opsin in dark adaptation of rod and cone photoreceptors. Neuron 29, 749-55. 
  •        (* equal contribution; # co-corresponding author)   

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