Support for our endeavors
comes primarily from the
National Institutes of Health

Vision Core Grant

The NIH-funded P30 Vision Core grant (EY002687) provides NEI-funded vision scientists with state-of-the-art technical support to enhance their individual research efforts. It fosters collaborative research and helps attract scientists new to eye research. These objectives are achieved through the provision of four core modules:

  1. A Morphology & Imaging module provides technical support and expertise in the processing, sectioning, staining, and morphological analysis of ocular cells and tissues at the light and electron microscopic level.
  2. A Visual Function Testing module provides equipment and technical expertise in the assessment of visual performance in animal model systems.
  3. A Molecular Genetics module provides assistance and expertise in the producction of transgenic/knockout/knockin mice, construction of gene constructs, and preparation of DNA clones and probes.
  4. A Biostatistics module assists in the design and implementation of pilot studies, provides statistical and methodological expertise in study design, assures the validity of statistical analyses and reported results, and assists in training residents and clinicians in areas of research methodology.
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