Support for our endeavors
comes primarily from the
National Institutes of Health


Molecular Biology

  • Yeast one-hybrid assays for protein-DNA interaction
  • Yeast two-hybrid assays for protein-protein interaction
  • Site-directed mutagenesis
  • Recombinant protein expression and purification
  • Co-immunoprecipitation
  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) to study in vivo targets of transcription factors
  • In vitro protein-DNA binding assays: EMSA and footprinting

Functional Analysis

  • Transient cell transfection assays with luciferase reporters
  • Double-strand DNA interference (RNAi)
  • Transgenic and knockout mouse studies
  • Functional analysis of mutant proteins carrying genetically identified human mutations

Gene Expression Analysis

  • Quantitative and qualitative RT-PCR analysis
  • In situ hybridization on retinal sections
  • Microarray (chip)
  • Western blots
  • Immunohistochemistry
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